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The Beginning of The Wicked Sister


Everyone wants to know how we came up with the name, The Wicked Sister. Well….Grandpa bought the bar at auction in January 2014, a day that changed us forever, and gifted the business to his three daughters. At one of our planning meetings over cheese & crackers, The Wicked Sister was thrown out as a name. One of the husbands laughed and said, “Good! Then we can take turns guessing which one is the wicked one!” All laughed, except the three sisters; however, the name clearly grew on them. By August 2014, we had a name.


Our family (aunts, uncles, cousins…random people who            worked for beer) spent 11 months renovating the old dive          bar.  Cleaning. Planning. Decorating. Resorting to Plan B,            and often deferring to Plan C. By December 2014 the                  smelly, dirty building was transformed into what you see            today.


The vision of the bar grew out of multiple generations all            wanting a place they could call their own. In a lot of ways,          The Wicked Sister is a place for everyone. The                              transcending idea that resonated with everyone was to              offer exceptional service and food in a relaxed, welcoming          atmosphere. Our kitchen and bar have become a                        playground for those who are exceptional at their jobs,                producing signature items that have made The Wicked                Sister a destination for foodies and beer nerds alike.


April 25, 2016 is another day that changed us. It’s the day I        bought the bar from the Sisters. (I have credentials, ask my        brother: I AM the Wicked Sister.) It has always been my              dream to own a bar & grill. I’m beyond honored to be a part        the Sault Ste. Marie community and to bring something              positive to my hometown while doing what I love. I am so            grateful to our staff – the hardworking crew that not only          puts up with my crazy ideas, but often come up with their          own! I could not ask for better people to work with every            day.  I’m also grateful to you, the customer, for supporting          my dream!


Welcome to The Wicked Sister…where you’ll be treated like family whether you like it or not!

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