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Big News for Crab Dip Lovers!

We’re almost to Friday! Not that it makes a huge difference, especially in the restaurant world where our work week generally kicks off on Friday. It's just that I usually need a reminder what day it is and thought maybe some of you need it too.

We’ve been busy making plans for the weekend and I’m excited to announce that back by popular demand and starting Friday – CRAP DIP is coming back for a limited time! Just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean we can’t eat good food! I can’t think of anything more comforting than gooey Crab Dip smeared on ciabatta bread. Plus, it’s Lent-friendly!

We have a pretty solid plan for Brunch this week, too!

Jake’s Waffle Burgerhand-pattied chuck-brisket burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and smoked maple syrup, served on a Belgian waffle.

Crab Dip HashOld Bay roasted potatoes, Crab Dip, fresh jalapenos and cheddar cheese

And since it was such a hit last weekend, we’ll be offering cans of Bloody Mary & Caesar mix again. Sparkling wine for mimosas, in addition to our draft beer to go, cans & bottles are available, too!

Just a heads up – next Sunday, April 12, 2020 we will be closed so that the hardworking Wicked Sister crew can spend the day social distancing and observing Easter. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back on Monday April 13 ready for carry out and delivery!

I wish I had more exciting things to report, but I was off for TWO days, and while that was glorious, I don’t think I can put a fun spin on baking bread and catching up on laundry. (Although one of those things I really enjoy!) Crab Dip will have to be exciting enough to get you through the weekend!

Today is Liv’s birthday! And while we’re closing for the day – if you see her this weekend, be sure to wish her a happy belated birthday!

We’re so thankful for the continued support from the entire community! The last few days have been busy enough that we haven’t been able to work on more puppets! We’re going to carve out the time to finish though – I promise!

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