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Short's Beer, Brunch & the First Week of May...

Where the hell did April go?? I know, I know, the first four months of 2020 have felt like a century; but I feel like April flew by in a blink of an eye! There’s a chance that this will be the last week of The Wicked Sister being exclusively carry out and delivery. Unfortunately, we’re a week away from a potential (partial) reopening, and the Powers That Be have not shared their plans for maybe letting us reopen and what that looks like…which means, I have nothing to report on that front. And that’s ok! We want everyone to be safe and when we’re given the yellow light to open – likely at a reduced capacity – we’re going to be here happier than hell to see you!

A project I started back in February is finally coming to fruition on May 1 – we are switching POS systems! You probably won’t notice much difference – other than I’m promised, the redundant looking charges if you order a Drunken Cow with fries will look as they should on your receipt. The biggest customer facing change, however, will be ONLINE ORDERING! Yep! You read that right! No more busy signals and having to make repeated calls to get through. You will be able to order online whether you want your order as soon as possible or to schedule ahead for a pick up/delivery later than day!

Normally we would be able to have the system set up in test mode for a week so The Wicked Sister crew can train and practice before going live. Under normal circumstances, that would happen. Just like everyone else, our new POS company has felt the impact of COVID-19 and has made changes to stay viable, so we are maybe going to get a day of training before going live. While we’re working hard to minimize the learning curve, I’m anticipating there may be some hiccups next week and am asking for your patience.

No matter the learning curve or the online ordering or the improved analytics, I know the kitchen crew will be the most excited for the upgrade! Our current kitchen printer has been on its last leg for several weeks – so our kitchen orders print out looking something like this…

Friday is a BIG day!! The Wicked Sister is happily sponsoring Eagle Radio’s Live Request Party again. If you haven’t tuned in either through 95.1 FM or the streaming app or through their Facebook page, you are seriously missing out! I tune in every week whether we are a participating business or not! 5pm-6pm is their Hang Over Party where Tim & Lindsay Ellis play requests they didn’t have time for during the previous week. The Live Request Party starts at 6pm and runs through 8pm – this week there might be Beanboozled Shenanigans, thanks to Lindsay!

The Wicked Sister is happy to host our 2nd Tap Take Over – Social Distance Style – with Short’s Brewing Company from Bellaire, MI. All eight taps are pouring Short’s Beer. Pre Orders are recommended, but Liv & Ashley worked hard tonight canning a ton of beer, so don’t be afraid to order what you want, when you want it! At 8pm, The Wicked Sister is hosting a Zoom meeting with Short’s owner, Joe Short, and Beer Liberator, Eric (his last name is too hard to spell). is where you want to be at 8pm. Sunshine helped me get the zoom meeting started so this won’t be the same technical disaster that happened last month with Ore Dock!

The Wicked Sister crew was busy canning Bloody Mary and Caesar mixes, too! Would you believe me if I said we’re selling more mixes than our Sunday Funday Bloody Mary & Caesars? It’s true! I’m so happy that we were able to come up with a way to bring you a bit of Sunday Funday during the Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order!

Let’s talk Brunch. Coming off a tap take over…a tap take over with Soft Parade on tap – we want fried, cheesy carbs! We’re hoping that you’re no different! This week we’ll be featuring Corned Beef Hash (diced potatoes, house cooked corned beef, beer caramelized onions & Swiss cheese). We’ll be offering the Philly Hash, too – diced potatoes, chopped sirloin, sautéed peppers, beer caramelized onions, provolone cheese & aioli. We also have 375ml cans of sparkling wine so you can make your own mimosas as home if Bloody Marys & Caesars aren’t your thing.

Looking forward to next week – the last week of April (Hooray!) – we will be closed on Monday, April 27. The Wicked Sister will be looking forward to serving you Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm and Sunday Noon-8pm. For sure we’ll be open for delivery and carry out Tuesday-Sunday. We’re waiting to hear on reopening parameters…maybe we’ll be open for limited dine in sales at the end of next week. Fair warning – please don’t come in with your group of 15. We’re waiting on the new rules, but even with limited details, I know that we aren’t going to be able to seat large parties.

You may have heard that The Wicked Sister has a new, limited menu. It’s true that we had to temporarily remove a few items. Our current menu is available at I promise, we will go back to “normal” as soon as possible! In the meantime, you might find a new favorite…or at least a runner up favorite!

More big news (it’s sort of been a big week around The Wicked Sister)! I’m proud to say that The Wicked Sister is participating in a program with Farm Bureau Insurance. If you’re a Farm Bureau Insurance customer, you will be receiving a $25 voucher to spend at participating local restaurants. If you have a voucher, you have $25 to spend at The Wicked Sister for food, Bloody Mary Mix, beer, delivery and so on – it’s up to you! There’s a small amount of fine print so if you have any questions, call The Wicked Sister or your Farm Bureau agent. We’re excited to have been selected to participate in a program that supports local customers AND local businesses!

I don’t know what next week will bring, but I know what we are doing this weekend – Eagle Radio 95.1, Burgers, Short’s beer and Brunch! And for me, probably a little bit of work since we are just one week away from May which means – Burger Month! We’ve celebrated Burger Month for the last four years and we’re not letting COVID-19 and Social Distancing stop us from a whole month of fun! Oh, and there’s a lesser known milestone come up later this week. Can you guess it? It’s not an advertised date at The Wicked Sister! As always, thank you for your continued support and we’re looking forward to putting some of the chairs down for you to actually sit in!

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