The Beginning of The Wicked Sister

Everyone wants to know how we came up with the name, The Wicked Sister. Well….Grandpa bought the bar at auction in January 2014, a day that changed us forever and gifted the business to his three daughters. At one of our planning meetings over cheese & crackers, The Wicked Sister was thrown out as a name. One of the husbands laughed and said, “Good! Then we can take turns guessing which one is the wicked one!” All laughed, except the three sisters; however, the name clearly grew on them. By August 2014, we had a name.

Our family (aunts, uncles, cousins…random people who worked for beer) spent 11 months renovating the old dive bar.  Cleaning. Planning. Decorating. Resorting to Plan B, and often deferring to Plan C. By December 2014 the smelly, dirty building was transformed into what you see today.